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Optical Inspection Systems

MRS22 HotEnd

Measuring ampoule geometry

OPC + RingControl

OPC + Ring Inspection System


The Scheurich PrintControl Inspection System ensures a 100% control of the ampoules screen printing.

FirstPiece Compensation

FPC ensures more stable and continuous production conditions because of less production gaps.

OPC Cutter

The Scheurich OPC Cutter is a system to scratch the One Point-Cut and its associated color point

BreakForce device BFT-150

The required BreakForce is measured by using a strain gauge sensor.

MES System MRS-Win

In addition to the measurement data, the performance and MES data such as the number of glass tubes, glass waste, good parts and scrap parts, run times and downtimes etc. are recorded.

Interfaces to ERP

We offer customized data interfaces according to customer requirements.