MES System MRS-Win

Optimize your production of glass ampoules with our MES system MRS-WIN. You maximize the efficiency and quality of your production with precise control and comprehensive data analysis. Stay on top of the entire manufacturing process, from raw material sourcing to final packaging. Avoid bottlenecks and production downtime with real-time monitoring and proactive alerts. MRS-WIN increases production performance and reduces costs at the same time, because you can only improve, what you can measure automatically and reliably!

For this purpose, we have specifically developed our new scrap tracking dashboard.

The highlights are:

We also deliver production data to the customer’s third-party systems, which then carry out the evaluation themselves. If necessary, we can export the following raw data for further processing:

  • Start of order
  • Interruption of order
  • End of order
  • Fault codes / reasons for interruption
  • Consumed glass tubes
  • Rejected glass tubes
  • Good parts
  • Material scrap
  • Material scrap
  • Running time
  • Downtime
  • Progress of orders
  • Measurement data (geometry)
  • Status of the loading system
  • Status of the unloading slider
  • Counter data
  • Material data
  • Batch data
  • Operator data
  • Process and measurement data tracking (audit trail)

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