Industry leader in weighing technology

Precise scales and dosing screws with accessories Made in Germany.

In terms of dosing, weighing and conveying of small components up to 50 kg, we are among the industry leaders in the bulk material sector and in glass batches. Our customers include large and small companies from manufacturing, as well as renowned plant and special machine manufacturers (OEM, Original Equipment Manufacturers).

Industrial measurement technology, powerful and high-resolution, “Made in Germany” for weighing bulk material processes of all kinds. In the world of glass batch manufacturing and currently in battery and fuel cell production, we have gained national and international recognition. Our weighing electronics are deployed worldwide, installed in over 80 countries. We cover software adaptations and custom developments in control and regulation technology through our in-house development department.

Short version: The weighing technology has been, in a sense, the “cradle” of our company’s development, a crucial foundation that continues to be important until this day.

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