PrintControl für ColdEnd (CEC)

The Scheurich PrintControl Inspection System ensures a 100% control of the ampoules screen printing.

The high-resolution Line scan camera “made in Germany” with its high-speed sampling rate ensures also a very high print control quality, even for fast processes with more than 90 amp/min.

The PrintControl highlights are:

  • reading radius of 360° and up to 24 different monitoring windows
  • high professional illumination level for best camera pictures
  • increase of production quality through a high-resolution camera in combination with an effective sorting control
  • the high-resolution camera with a high-speed sampling rate ensures an economical and productive production of ampoules (>90 amp/min)
  • fast detection of changes from the screen print quality leads to reduction of scrap
  • connectable to MRS-Win and other MES systems for process documentation, statistics and process tracking data

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