Patented decoupled scale

Discover our groundbreaking Revolving hopper scales ED-90 and ED-91 – patented masterpieces for the precise weighing of small components up to 25 kg (± 2 g accuracy) in containers from 10 to 32 liters. These innovative scales easily resolve the conflict between performance, space requirements and investment volume.

A Revolving hopper scale combines efficiency and space saving perfectly. In fact, one Revolving hopper scale can perform the functions of 6 or 7 traditional, stand-alone small component scales.

Use the potential of our ED-90 and ED-91 – the game changers in small component weighing.

Revolving hopper scale ED-90

  • Stainless-steel bin with 10 l max. capacity (Default)
  • Weighing range 3/5/7/10 kg
  • Accuracy up to ± 1 g
  • Option: Automatic check weights 1+2 kg

Revolving hopper scale ED-91

  • Stainless-steel bin with 16, 20, 25 und 32 l capacity (Default)
  • Weighing range up to 25 kg
  • Accuracy up to ± 2 g
  • Option: Automatic check weights 4+6 kg

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