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25th anniversary of our managing director

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25 years ago, the electrical engineer Bruno Häfele started his work at Scheurich GmbH and in January 2001 he was appointed as managing director. Under his leadership, the company grew continuously and sustainably.

On February 1st in 2022, shareholder Hans Jürgen Scheurich and managing director Wolfgang Faulhaber thanked him for his extraordinary commitment and the associated success over the past years. They presented him the certificate of honor from the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK).

From left to right: Wolfgang Faulhaber, Hans-Jürgen Scheurich and Bruno Häfele

"Without Bruno Häfele, the company would not be where it is today", so the conclusion of the shareholder.


Scheurich GmbH celebrated its 50th company anniversary

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On Thursday, October 7th, 2021 in the afternoon, there was a festive atmosphere in the industrial park Grimmenstein on the premises of Scheurich GmbH. The Company in Wolfegg, which today has 34 employees, organized a "show day". Suppliers, customers and the neighboring companies from Grimmenstein East and West were invited. In view of the applicable Corona restrictions, a general open day for guests was not advisable. And the invited guests came; almost 200 people came to an exhibition of the various branches of Scheurich GmbH. Its products are used all over the world - according to the company's founder, Mr. Hans-Jürgen Scheurich. He told of eventful years until the company headquarters was relocated from nearby Weitprechts to the new building in Wolfegg's industrial area around 30 years ago and the company was continuously expanded. In good health and still working in an advisory capacity, he took the congratulations from the Mr. Müller, mayor of the commune Wolfegg.

For Mr. Wolfgang Faulhaber and Mr. Bruno Häfele, the managing directors of Scheurich GmbH today, it was especially important, that the 50th anniversary becomes a "festival to touch" and a "festival of encounters" despite Corona restrictions. This required a certain discipline and a suitable hygiene guideline too.

Spread across the company premises, the entire range of services was presented using keynote speeches on the following topics:

1. Automation: from scrap tires to sugar, from in-house control cabinet construction to process control systems SENTIS.NET®

The in-house process control system SENTIS.NET® covers all weighing, dosing and mixing processes with a special focus on the food, rubber and tire industries. "Current projects were acquired this year both in the pharmaceutical industry and in the manufacture of solid-state batteries", said Mr. Bernhard Neubauer, head of automation, during his presentation.

2. Dosing: from batches of glass to solid-state batteries

Solutions from a single source are created, when in addition to software and control solutions, the small-component dosing devices (mechanics) from Scheurich GmbH are used. Dosing the additives (solid chemicals) for an exact mixture at specified speed and to the gram required, that requires a lot of experience in designing of the dosing screws and scales. Mr. Bruno Häfele (managing director) presented screw feeders and scales and explained the necessary preparatory work and design criteria until the products can be used worldwide in the glass and plastics industry.

3. Optical inspection: of ampoules and new products from the ZIM project BIFA (BMWi)

Scheurich GmbH has held for years a large share of the world market in the field of monitoring ampoule production systems. The optical inspection of the ampoules in the manufacturing process via process-integrated cameras in real time makes it possible to regulate the burners in such a way, that the same geometries of the small glass items can be manufactured millions of times. In Corona times, everyone knows the small bottles in which a corresponding vaccine is filled in. Our optical inspection systems are in use around the world in 7 days / 24 hours operation. During their presentation, Mr. Stefan Waibel (head of development) and Mr. Wolfgang Faulhaber (managing director) presented the new dashboard from the ZIM project, funded by the BMWi. With this new development, both manufacturing quality and productivity are visualized and optimized in real time.

As a contrast to the keynote speeches, peppered with technical details, the general topic of e-mobility was at the fourth lecture, which will probably affect almost all companies equally in the future.

4. Pilot project: convert employee parking spaces to e-charging infrastructure

The sharp increase in hybrid and purely battery-electric vehicles (EVs) is unmistakable. Therefore, the associated charging infrastructure for employees is a new challenge for companies. "The vehicles stays usually for 8 hours or longer during the day on the company premises. And if solar power is also produced on the company premises, then these are ideal conditions for an e-charging infrastructure for our employees", explains Mr. Bruno Häfele in the introduction of his keynote speech. Using the example of the installation of 4 charging stations at the eastern parking spaces of the company premises, the basic requirements were shown, that are necessary for an infrastructure for charging EVs. This includes both an authentication of the employees and the recording of the charging power and charging time via integrated power and energy measuring devices (MID). This data are the basis for a monthly billing of electricity costs. Attention was drawn to the need of reconcile the "company as an electricity provider" on the one hand and "monetary benefit for the employees" on the other. State subsidies make it easier for companies to invest, but the current laws and excessive bureaucracy, applied to the operational billing of electricity costs, must be changed as quickly as possible, according to the managing director. Then Mr. Christof Lohmiller (hardware and software developer) presented the practical part of the charging process, with registration at the charging station using an RFID card or a smartphone app and monitoring of the charging process via the internet portal or app. Mr. Lohmiller explained the dynamic load management: "If up to 4 vehicles are charging at the same time, the charging current must be dynamically divided, according to the total available charging power, in order not to overload the house connection of the electricity supplier".

Of course, the physical well-being was not neglected on the round company anniversary, taking into account the above-mentioned hygiene guidelines, including a champagne reception, hot and cold buffet as well as coffee and cake. Many conversations took place in a relaxed atmosphere, both at the exhibits of the demonstrations and in the catering area. In the evening, at the nearby Waldburg Castle, the employees and their partners were able to end the festive day with a gala dinner including a tour of the castle and an impressive fire show.


Honoring long-time employees

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A look at our list of employees reveals it - our team is made up of old hands as well as young foxes. So it is not surprising that we can honor employees for their long service with the company in regular intervals.

In 1996, 25 years ago, Oliver Stock started his training with us. With us he learned his "craft". Today he is head of our product development IT and administrator of Scheurich's own IT infrastructure.

From left to right: Bruno Häfele, Oliver Stock, Hans-Jürgen Scheurich

Also many years of experience are required in electronics production. Our customers appreciate the long availability of our products - not least in the area of optical inspection systems. Rolf Feibel has been responsible for our electronics for 35 years. It doesn't matter whether he and his team assemble and test our latest weighing computers or repair old devices.

From left to right: Bruno Häfele, Rolf Feibel, Hans-Jürgen Scheurich

We thank you for the long service and hope that many more years will follow.


Change of management at Scheurich GmbH

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Wolfgang Faulhaber

We are pleased to announce that Wolfgang Faulhaber has taken over the role of Managing Director of the Scheurich GmbH on April 1st, 2021.
He is the successor to Mr. Thomas Scheurich, who remains associated with the company as shareholder.

We wish Mr. Faulhaber all the best and a successful start in his new role!


We have completed our team for Optical Inspection Systems

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With the beginning of April 2020 Mr. Wolfgang Faulhaber has joined our team for optical inspection systems.

Wolfgang Faulhaber

He has experience in the field of measurement technology and he took over the general management of the division.

Scheurich GmbH is known as a reliable partner for inspection and control systems in the ampoule manufacturing industry, especially in the fields of:
  • HotEnd
  • ColdEnd
  • Additional equipment like First Piece Compensation (FPC) and OPC-Cutter Systems
  • Networking of production lines
We can look back on more than 40 years of experience in the ampoule and vial manufacturing industry and a successful cooperation with Techner LTD.
Due to the growing share of business we have completed our team for inspection and control systems at Scheurich GmbH.

Contact and inquiries:
For all general support and administrative questions, concerning quotations, invoices, spare parts, installations and delivery times, please use our general mail address:

For further information following contact persons of the “Techner team” are available for you:
Name Division E-mail
Wolfgang Faulhaber Head of Sales & Head of Division
Stefan Waibel Head of Software & Development

We are looking forward to hearing from you!


We are responding to the corona crisis

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The health of our customers, business partners and employees is our top priority.
Therefore, we have taken measures to minimize health risks.
We offer our employees a high degree of flexibility in terms of working and childcare.
Where practicable, some of our employees work from home office. We made this possible by reorganizing access to our projects.
Incoming phone calls and e-mails are also automatically forwarded, so we are always available for you.
With these measures it is possible for us to continue our customer service in high quality.
We currently see no restrictions on the performance of our services for current projects and production.

Should you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to address your contact person.


Honoring long-time employees

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We congratulate our long-time employee Bernhard Neubauer on his 30th anniversary, as well as Martin Badstuber and Kurt Brauchle on their 25th anniversary. In addition to many years of experience, all three combine a high level of expertise, a strong team spirit and full commitment to the benefit of our customers.

From left to right: Bernhard Neubauer, Martin Badstuber, Kurt Brauchle and Thomas Scheurich


POWTECH 2019 in Nuremberg

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We exhibit at the POWTECH 2019, the fair for mechanical process engineering, from April 9th to 11th, 2019 in Nuremberg. You will find us in Hall 5, Stand 5-382.

Find out more about current topics in the areas of weighing electronics, revolving hopper scales, Loss-In-Weight feeder, screw feeder and silo management.

Use our service under E-Mail: or our Contact form for appointments and to request free entrance tickets.

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Techner LTD - Scheurich GmbH

The company Scheurich GmbH continues the products and services of the company Techner LTD.

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MRS22 Innovation prize award

We have obtained the WiR-Innovation Award 2015/2016 for our system MRS22

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The innovation

Worldwide, there are about 1,000 production lines that produce glass ampoules in three shift operation as primary packaging for filling plants for pharmaceuticals and vaccines. Although glass ampoules are manufactured for pennies, these pharmaceutical glass packaging are subject to the highest quality standards. Ampoule manufacturers must therefore be certified and are required to provide appropriate manufacturing protocols to the filler.

The accuracy of the ampoules is of great importance because in the filling process the automatic gripper must grip the vials safely and in particular non-destructively so that the medications, some of which cost several thousand euros, are not lost. Against this background, the ampoules are measured by a single optical test according to the specified tolerance values of each customer, checked and the measured data stored exactly.

The award-winning innovation involves a newly developed control and testing system for the manufacture of glass ampoules. The process was optimised with regard to energy-efficient control of the gas burners, the camera system as well as the full networkability of all components and restructured in many parts. The manufactured ampoule is measured at different measuring points, a total of three times, by a camera system. The recorded measured values have, via a control algorithm, an influence on the gas supply of the gas burners used to form the ampoules. This control optimises the energy input of the burners, ultimately saving energy and CO2. The regulated gas burners communicate continuously with the optical test system. The actual know-how lies in the monitoring of the gas values, which are necessary for a constant production quality. In the event of any deviation, the automatic control of the gas and/or oxygen supply to the burners is carried out in online operation, so that a consistent quality throughout the entire production process can be ensured. All production data is statistically processed, ensuring complete traceability of the manufacturing process.

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